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  • Voted as one of the best Greek Restaurants in Astoria.

  • Prepare for a 5 star experience of Authentic Greek cuisine.

  • Discover the traditional Greek Restaurant feel of an old tavern.


Greek Food Catering

We are proud of our traditional Greek food catering services. Small or large party, business or private event, we will make it unforgettable for you and your guests.

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Greek Tapas

A large combination of almost every traditional Greek dish in tapas format is available to our customers. Taste with your party the Greek traditional mezedes.

Greek Tapas & Mezes


Wine Selections

A great variety of Greek, Italian and Californian wines are available to accompany your dishes. We also carry ouzo and tsipouro (local beverages)

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Best Greek Restaurant eTaverna Astoria

We cook traditionally, using only the best ingredients. The clean, rustic environment reminds you of the original and authentic taverns of old Athens...

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Come dressed casually to enjoy an amazing tastefully night.



We always carry the best, cooked the koutouki way.


Greek Tapas

Enjoy the best Greek traditional dishes with your party.



Our Chef cooks daily a different special dish.



A great meal should be accompanied with the right dessert.

What our clients say


Evangelia K.

from NY, original posted in Yelp

This place is a true gem! Very authentic Greek food and I am PICKY when it comes to Greek food. The restaurant itself has a very rustic feel and it is very clean.


Julio G

from Vermond, originally posted in Trip Advisor.

We ordered the tapas meals, rather than entrees. We were amazed by the food. The flavors were delicious and exotic, the way meals taste when you're in Europe.


Dan Li

originally posted in Seamless.

Lamb riblets, stuffed red peppers/feta meze, Biftekia, Calamari. All perfectly cooked, fresh and portioned nicely. The "e" in eTaverna must stand for economy, because for this quality—these are insanely good prices.


Max Falkowitz

originally posted in Urbanspoon

Few Greek restaurants seem to get everything right; you'd do best to pick your favorite by their specialty. At E Taverna in Astoria, it's molluscs.


Etaverna is conveniently located on the corner of 23rd Avenue and 27th Street at 26-19 23rd Avenue Astoria, New York 11105.


Greek Salads

Horiatiki - tomato, cucumber, feta, onion, olives, peppers
Prasini - romaine, dill, scallions, feta
Manouri - mixed greens with grilled manouri cheese
Dakos - cretan rusk, tomato, oregano, feta

Avgolemono - chicken egg-lemon soup
Soupa imeras - soup of the day

Feta ravasaki - baked feta in filo with honey and sesame seeds
Saganaki - pan seared graviera
Halloumi - charcoal grilled with lemon

and more

Traditional Vegetarian

Vegetarian Pikilia - assortment of spreads tzatziki, taramas, tyrokafteri, melitzanosalata
Any of the above spreads individually
Scordalia - mashed potato with garlic
Gigantes - giant beans in tomato sauce
Piperies - anaheim peppers stuffed with feta and herbs
Kolokythakia - fried zucchini with tzatziki
Bamies - okra in tomato sauce
Fasolakia - green beans in tomato sauce
Patates fournou - rostaed potatoes
Lahanika pikilia - charcoal grilled vegetables
Kolokythokeftedes - zucchini croquettes
Spanakopita - spinach pie with feta and dill 6 Bamies - okra in tomato sauce
Spanakorizo - spinach with rice 5 Fasolakia - green beans in tomato sauce
Horta - wild greens with EVOO and lemon
Patzaria scordalia - red beets with garlic mashed potato
Brokolo - broccoli with EVOO and lemon 5 Patates fournou - roasted potatoes
Patates tiganites - fried potatoes
Patates me feta - fried potatoes with feta and oregano

and more

Main Dishes

Lavraki - whole Bronzino with steamed wild greens
Tsipoura - royal Dorado with steamed wild greens
Solomos - charcoal grilled salmon with broccoli
Garides Santorini - jumbo shrimp in fresh tomato sauce and feta
Xifias - charcoal grilled swordfish with spinach and rice

Regional Recipes

Mousaka - zucchini-eggplant-potato-ground beef-béchamel
Kotopoulo Fournou - half oven baked chicken w/oven potatoes
Kotopoulo Kondosouvlie - chicken braised w/Greek herbs
Mosxari Youvetsi - beef with orzo in fresh tomato sauce
On the Charcoal all served with fresh cut fried potatoes

Bifteki - beef patties with graviera and herbs
Kotopoulo Sharas - chicken filet
Kotopoulo kebob - chicken kebob
Hirino kebob - pork kebob
Hirini brizola - pork chops

and more